Thursday, January 28, 2010

SellerBuzz Welcomes FleaPirates and...

I know I've only been posting periodically during the last few weeks and now I can say why. No, it's got nothing to do with drama... roflmao!!!

I have been working with TLSWebSolutions on a blogging site and radio show! This site and show are for the eCommerce beginner and for the small seller looking to go to the next level. We believe OLA members will enjoy this show, which has current and relevant information to their businesses.

Last week, we had the debut radio show. We discussed what questions one should ask themselves when looking to begin in the ever growing, ever changing world of eCommerce... basically how to pick out a site to suit you. Since we're already happy with where we sell, I didn't make a big announcement. If you missed the show but would like to hear it, it's on Archive. Just visit and you'll see the Talkshoe widget, which will take you to the archived show.

Here are the discussions we expect to be having this evening:
eBay changes
Payment Venues
6 Week Stimulus Extravaganza

Here is the link: or you can access the show through Either way, you don't want to miss tonight's tax talk with LadyP! Learn what steps you need to take to become a real business!

The show is LIVE. Here are the times:
5:05 Pacific
6:05 Mountain
7:05 Central
8:05 Eastern

Please keep in mind that this show is not all about We discuss all sites. We ask that comments be kept positive and that no one diss anyone else, and that includes other sites.

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Supergranny said...

Sounds fun and interesting..good luck and much success!

MetzyMom said...

Thank You to FleaPirates for being our first guest! Go to and click on the Talkshoe widget to hear the show in archive. It's the second show!!!