Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unusual Fire King Handpainted Cola Mugs - Sneak Peek for Week 2 Extravaganza

At www.onlineauction.com, there is a Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza event now underway, with sellers offering interesting, unusual, collectible, and practical items for the next six weeks.

Week 1 just started Jan. 31st. Search for W1 at www.onlineauction.com to find this week's offerings for the Extravaganza.

Week 2 starts February 7th. I thought I would give a sneak peek at some Fire King glassware that will be available to bid on in Week 2. When Week 2 starts, new listings for the week can easily be found by putting W2 in the search box at www.onlineauction.com.

First is an interesting set of 2 Unusual Fire King Glass Cola Soda Shape Mugs - Handpainted Bird Roses OOAK? These pretty handpainted mugs may be one-of-a-kind. I know I have never seen any like them. One mug us decorated with a bird on a tree branch, with floral accents; the other mug is decorated with roses. Both mugs are marked Fire King on the bottom, and are vintage 1970s pieces. The mug with the roses is signed by the artist.

You can view the listing for these mugs here. This listing will not be active until Sunday, Feb. 7th. If these mugs interest you, and you are not registered at onlineauction.com, come on over and get ready to bid!

Also being offered for Week 2 is a lot of 5 Vintage Fire King Glass White Restaurant Ware Saucers. These are the hard-to-find W295 saucers.
I have sold some of these in the past, and was lucky enough to be offered some more to list for the extravaganza.

Click here for more details on this upcoming auction. Remember, this listing will only be active starting on February 7th.

Click here to see what other items I currently have available in my store, including Fire King, vintage glassware, and more!

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Supergranny said...

Those are really nifty mugs and Fire King to boot!