Thursday, April 1, 2010

Online Merchants : The Power of Picasa

If you are an Online Merchant, one of your priorities is certainly focused upon placing your product advantageously in the various search engines. We've talked a lot about Search Engine Optimization, and ways to improve the titles, subtitles and descriptions of your products to appeal to the search engines. Another way to promote your product is through Image Optimization. Today's post is about harnessing The Power of Picasa.

We believe that Picasa will meet the demands of those sellers who do not wish to utilize outside photo hosting resources. Instead, these sellers may opt to download this Google program, and benefit from perks such as photo enhancement, resizing, titling, and tagging, right from the comfort of their own hard drive. Yes, Picasa offers a photo hosting service, entitled Web Albums, but we have found that it is not necessary to use the uploaded images in order to receive the full benefit of Picasa.

Join us tonight, as MetzyMom and I discuss the advantages of Picasa on Seller Buzz Radio. The live show airs at 7:05pm CST, but if you are unable to attend, you may listen to an archived show, which will be Episode 11.

Additionally, you are invited to join us this Monday evening, April 5, 2010, for a Webinar about The Power of Picasa! You'll find us in the LIVE CHAT area of the Ola Team Blog, on Monday, at 8:00pm CST. We encourage anyone who is interested in using Picasa to download the program and try it out on your own. Then, visit with us Monday evening for a quick walk-through of the features and a group question and answer session. Mind you, no one is claiming to be Picasa experts... but we've been using Picasa for several weeks now, and are familiar enough with the features to assist those wishing to take their photos to the next level.

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