Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monet Jewelry

Monet Jewelry

Did you know that Monet Jewelry was founded during the early 1930s Depression years by two brothers, Michael & Jay Chernow? The story that I was always told is this: They manufactured these great Triple-Gold-Plated Letters that were used to put on Clutch type handbags. The letters outlasted the handbags; they wore so well, that word got back to them that they should be making costume or fashion jewelry, so that is what they did!

I was employed by Monet Jewelers in 1978 as a sales associate in Richmond, VA, but I quickly worked my way up to sales representative for the entire state. During my tenure as a sales rep for Monet, which was the best job ever, I traveled to New York City many times a year to sell the fashion jewelry lines to the buyers of the major Department Stores which were located in Virginia.

I was privileged to visit the three Monet factories which were located in Providence, RI, where all of the Monet jewelry was made by hand; I witnessed the Gold-plating process, the design process, I saw it all!

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Monet made Fashion Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Sets; the company made what we called Basics: Gold and Silver Plated Pierced and Clip-On Earrings, Bangle, Hinge and Charm Bracelets, Pins, Brooches, Basic Chains in lengths from 15" to 36," and Charms (which we called Personal Statement Jewelry).

At the time I was employed, we offered Gifts with Purchase (GWP) and even some Purchases with Purchase (PWP), using the Cosmetics sales model as an example.

If you collect vintage Monet Jewelry, and enjoy Monet, BOOKMARK my auctions. Why? I am cleaning house. I have lots of Monet--from my personal collection (things I have worn and enjoyed from my Monet days), items from when I was a sales rep (such as catalogs -- they are in my attic, but when I find them, I will sell them), Monet ad items, and some GWP and PWP items that I know I have (brand new but from the 1980s in my attic).


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