Thursday, July 8, 2010

Identifying Rocks & Minerals

I used to be a rockhound, but I didn't stay with it long enough to learn much. A few years ago, we bought a box of polished cabs and slices, which I just got around to listing. If any of you can help identify some of these, I'd be happy to link back to your store or website from mine. I'll also be putting up a Squidoo lens for them and I could post a link for you there, too. Bartering is another option on these if I have something you like.

To see what I have, please choose "Rocks & Minerals" from the category list in my CountryNaturals OLA House.

Here's one of my favorites. This is a closeup of a tiny fire agate:


STUBSINC said...

I checked out your Store Listings, your cabs and slices would make great craft items. Your Prices are Great!!!

MetzyMom said...

And the money you spend in her store goes to a great cause!!! So it's like a double karma whammy to buy from her!!!