Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jewelry by Christopher - Those Kids

Do you remember back when you were in school and there were always "those kids" in the special classes. Or "those kids" on the short bus? I do. I remember how the kids used to make fun of "those kids" all the time. I never did, I always was fascinated by "those kids". I wondered what it was like to be "those kids". I felt sorry for them. I tried to help "those kids" whenever I could. I would help the teachers who taught "those kids".
Now, here I am, many years later and I have "those kids" right in my own living room. Is this a reward for not making fun of them? Is this the answer I was looking for as a child? Due to my fascination as a "normal" child, has God decided that I should be the person to take care of "those kids"?
Whatever the reason, I now have 2 of "those kids" and I could not love them more! The only problem is, the sadness I felt for them as a child watching other kids pick on them is now ten fold. These are MY "those kids" that are being picked on! My heart breaks for them each and every day. Children can be so cruel. Many of them do not even realize what they are doing. To them, its just "making fun" or "playing a joke". They do not realize the impact they are having on "those kids". Well, I do.
Bullying is never acceptable. When you do it to "those kids", its just down right nasty. Especially when it is done to "those kids" that cannot defend themselves, or worse, they do not even KNOW they are being made fun of.
That would be my 14 year old, Aaron. Such a fun-loving child. He would do anything to make YOU laugh, but does not understand when someone is making fun of him to make OTHERS laugh AT him. So many times I wanted to grab a child by the nape of his neck and just shake him. How can you make fun of MY CHILD? But, then I think back to all of those kids in school making fun of "those kids" and I realize that is just the way of the world. As sad as it may be.
My baby Christopher, 3, will be entering school this year. Alas, he will be home schooled at first, but eventually he will be led into the classroom where he will be at risk for the ridicule. I am not sure how I will handle the bullies when it comes to my baby. I wonder if they have a special spot for over protective mothers in jail?
I started Jewelry by Christopher not to make a buck, but to remind people of "those kids". I chose jewelry as my arena to make a statement because "those kids" shine just as bright if not more than the biggest, fanciest diamond on Earth.
I have 2 Autistic children. That is a pretty rare situation so I am told. These are my natural children, not adopted, not step children, but mine. What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why me? Why them? How could this have happened? I ask myself these questions many times a day. I have come to the conclusion that neither them nor I did anything WRONG. We have simply been brought together as God felt it was the best for all of us.
When you visit Jewelry by Christopher, please keep in mind that "those kids" are just the best kids in the world and are the greatest gift any mother could ever have. And also, try to teach your kids not to make fun of "those kids" as you never know what the future may hold.


Fleapirates said...

I believe that God gifted you with "those kids" because he knew that you were exactly what they needed! Strong, smart, resourceful, and loving.

May you always have that Grace!

You keep doing what you do... the world is a better place because of it! :)

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Thanks Hon!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

I don't know why kids are so cruel. Our kids were not "those" kids, but in their school the big ones still picked on the little ones. We've often wondered why that was. Couldn't they remember what it was like when they were little and the big kids picked on them? Thankfully, our kids were never bullies. They stood up for each other and the underdogs, including "those kids." Now they're grown up and they're still kind and gentle. I too am blessed.

Jewelry by Christopher said...

That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I remember getting picked on in Kindergarten..I wore some of my Mom's lipstick to school one day and this girl..ugh..I can still remember her face..cornered me on the playground before we got let into school and was yelling at me about wearing lipstick. She was a lot taller than I was and very scary. I think she was a 5th grader.."why do you have lipstick on? You can't wear that..you are too little"..I was so terrified! To this day I do not wear make up..isn't that awful?

kidatheart10 said...

JBC, your comments are so well written-so heartfelt! I worked with special children a long time ago, and I still remember how heart-breaking it was when other kids in the school said mean, hurtful things.
On a related note-the jewelry you offer to help autistic children is beautiful! My daughter and I love the earrings I bought from JBC! So when buying, from JewelrybyChristopher, you are getting some beautiful jewelry and helping a very worthwhile cause! (((Hugs!))) :)

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Karin, you are the sweetest lady I know! I am so glad you and your daughter love the items! Our jewelry is absolutely amazing and superior quality!

Autism awareness is really what JBC is all about. I will be blogging more in the upcoming weeks about this disease and the impact it has had nationwide.

Thank you again Karin..you are a true friend! ((((HUGS))))