Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wedding Ring - Jewelry by Christopher

I love my wedding ring as I am sure most of you who are married do as well. I love my engagement ring even more. I never want to "upgrade" or change the setting. The way my engagement took place and how that ring was bought just makes me never even want to take it off. I love my husband and he is truly and Angel from Heaven.

We had a small ceremony in the Court House here in town. I guess I should not say small, we had over 55 people packed in that little courtroom! I drove the judge crazy in the weeks before our wedding asking her what we could and could not do in the courtroom. My Dad actually walked me down the courtroom was picture perfect! Our reception was in our basement..again picture perfect!

I went to buy my husband's wedding ring the day before our wedding. I actually bought my own wedding band biggie due to the serious romantic stuff that he went through with my engagement ring. I went with his Mother to pick one out for him. Now know when it comes to shopping for ANYTHING we sweat the small stuff! This was my husband's wedding I was sweating it big time. Especially when his Mom was going to pay for it! Well..come to find out she only had $ biggie..we went to Shaw's I think. They had a $99 wedding band sale. Awesome! There were so many to choose from! Hours I took picking out the right style, color everything. I wanted it to match mine as much as possible. I found the perfect band! I was so happy! I just knew he would love it!

Now here we are 7 years later..and that beautiful wedding ring is where? In MY jewelry box. After a few years, this ring started to cut into my hubby's finger. He wanted a new one..I actually CRIED! Why can't you get it fixed I said. I wanted him to feel the same way about his ring as I did about mine. Not gonna happen..ever.

He bought another ring off of that evil auction site for $.99! Yep..under a dollar. It was just this plain old stupid band. Ugly as all get out! Put it on he says..just like when we got married. OK..I put it on..crying...

He just does not get it! The ring I picked out for him MEANT something. I would not care if my ring cut my entire finger is not coming off my finger..ever!

Now..I saw on my store Jewelry by Christopher a gorgeous stainless steel ring with cz's. It is very nice. I thought to myself I wonder if he would like I asked his opinion as I was listing it. He said it was pretty cool. So, I bought it for him..he does not know this yet..I will give it to him this weekend.

If he replaces this one..I will clobber him!

My point of this long winded story is cannot compete with a woman's passion, a woman's sentiment or a woman's intuition. We love often and we love strong. But a man..when he really loves..He loves deep. He maybe will love once or twice in his entire life. But one thing is for certain: It is not the things he is you my is you!

So ladies..if your hubby does not wear his wedding ring..first..kick his butt..then find out the reason why. At least my hubby cared enough to replace the ring on his finger in the first place. I totally did not understand that part! He did that for me..not for him. Now, I will replace it with one that will not hurt his finger and one that does not cost a dollar!

Stop by Jewelry by Christopher and see what beautiful wedding sets I have. I also have men's rings as well. I will be listing more each day. If you ever would like a catalog, just ask! I will send one out to you!


MetzyMom said...

I love the way you write!

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Thanks Sweetie! My Mom always said I missed my calling. She thought I should have been a grade school teacher. My brother wanted me to become a sports writer as I love sports and I guess I can kind of write..LOL

Hold on to your socks cuz I have so much to say! I will for sure keep this blog interesting to say the least! I will bring in some new people for OLA for sure!

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Well..I got the ring today..not over the weekend..Hubby is still at work. I think I ordered the wrong looks too cannot resize stainless steel I might just have to keep and sell it and reorder another for him...shoot! I will let him try it on tonight..what a bummer!!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

I've had terrible luck with wedding rings. My first set was actually bought for one of my husband's former girlfriends. (How romantic is that?) Hubby surprised me with a new set for our 10th anniversary. That one went south when the diamond solitaire fell out of the engagement ring and disappeared. (I actually cried over that one.) The third set shrank as it got older and wouldn't fit anymore. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Hubby had better luck. He no longer wears his wedding band because of a shop accident. The ring was ruined but his finger was saved. I think it was a good trade-off.

kidatheart10 said...

My DH only wears his wedding band when he is not working-it's too dangerous for him to wear when working.