Friday, August 6, 2010

August Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone! It is that time again! Sign ups are posted for this month's Scavenger Hunt! Jewelry by Christopher will be your hostess for the month of August!

If you have never tried to play, this would be an excellent time! Pretty soon the Christmas shopping season will start, and by playing the Hunt you will have several sets of eyes searching through your items every day! Believe me, you can't help but to check out all of the wonderful items for sale on OLA during the Scavenger Hunt! I am notorious for getting side tracked from the game only to find myself shopping instead of hunting!

Rules are simple! Clues will be posted and you just search through the players' items looking for the answer to those clues! The trick is that you will not know which clue goes with which player! It has to have some level of difficulty as the winner will be awarded $100 in OLA auction credits! Use that for even more exposure to your listings! I will also be giving out a prize for the second place winner!

C'mon over and sign up! The sign up sheet will be posted here until midnight central time on August 12. Game begins on August 13. It will run for 7 days. Check the sign up sheet for complete rules and information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

What are you waiting for, Christmas??

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