Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Flea's Field Free Shipping Challenge

Did you know that you can now get free shipping at Flea's Field? That's right! It's the latest promotion I am offering at my sports collectibles and trading cards store at Just stop by my storefront and click on the information link, or head straight to my blog for all the details on The Flea's Field Free Shipping Challenge!

The concept is simple. Each week I'll post a new sports-related trivia question on my blog. Anyone who submits the correct trivia answer to me via omail, will receive free shipping on orders of $2 or more!

Currently, there are over 1260 trading cards in my store to choose from!

Check out some of these great trading cards!
(Click on the card for purchasing info.)

Can you answer this week's Trivia Challenge question?

1 comment:

kidatheart10 said...

Lots of cool cards, and free shipping, too? Sounds like a great deal for sports card collectors!!