Sunday, September 19, 2010

An OLA Meet and Greet.!!


I've chatted with Jas in the Online Auction. com Chat Rooms for about 2 and a half years. We both joined the auction site in Feb. 2008. So I thought it was just about time to meet each other face to face.

After a long drive and a slightly sore rear I finally got to meet Jas and her Hubs.

What a warm welcome!

Big Huggies and then I snapped this shot to catch the girl off guard, he he he.
Ain't she cute Question

Then a little tour of the infamous patio!!! She loves her flowers. Goldi will love this. ... Smile
Then we headed out for an auction.....
What a hoot!! Three different auctioneers and the people were following each one of them like a pack of flies. So speed talking that it was hard for me to follow.

Thank goodness Jas grabbed my hands at one point because she didn't want me to buy something I didn't know I would have been bidding on. He he he........ I don't think I need animal traps. Rolling Eyes

First outside.

I know why Jas likes these auctions..... because she gets squeezes from good lookin' men Smile
And then to the inside...
Then after a good nights sleep I got up early to get ready to play golf. Looking out of the hotel window was a beautiful sunrise over the mountains!
Jas was meeting me so she could ride with me to help me spot the golf ball while I played 18. We forgot to take pictures on the course but we did get another golfer to take our picture. We just quacked the whole game. Smile She was probably bored but a good sport none the less!!
Then, of course, I had to take a nap. I'm getting old and besides I was on vacation......

Hooked back up with Jas and Hubs in the late afternoon and hung out.

Waiting for the Maestro Chef to wield his wand and make some great steaks.After dinner conversation was great. Of course, the wine didn't hurt a bit either. Steaks turned out perfect!! I was promised a great steak and I got one but I bet they didn't know I could eat so much. *blushing*

I must say it was a fun trip and these two guys are just a great host and hostess.

Like I said before we do sell at and Jaswood2 's experience shows in her auctions.
This is just one cute little item. She has many many more. You can get more details on this
1978 Hummel Annual Bell - Lets Sing by clicking on the image below.


Anonymous said...

We had a blast meeting each other.
I learned alot from watching you play golf, like how far the ball would go depending on the club you used. Can ya tell I'm not a golfer?

Fleapirates said...

What a great story! You two are so lucky to be able to visit like that... maybe you can make a golfer out of Jas! ;)

MetzyMom said...

I love these stories! It's always so cool to meet someone from our OLA Family!

Aesthetics48 said...

Absolutely, We had a great time. :)