Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christopher Made Some Huge Progress This Week!

I am very happy to say that our little Christopher made some huge steps this week in therapy and with us at my brother's house!

During therapy, Christopher went right to a puzzle and grabbed a puzzle piece and put it back in the correct spot! He did this with no prompting from the therapist or us! The therapist has been working with him and this puzzle for a few weeks now, and this was the very first time he did it all by himself! Now, this might not sound like anything exciting to all of you, but if any of you are familiar with what we have been going through with Christopher, then you know it is very exciting!

Christopher has never enjoyed being outside at all. We have been working with him over the last year trying to get him used to the great outdoors..just our backyard to begin with! He used to cry just because he was standing on the porch. Nothing but fear and tears for him. After months of trying, he now enjoys going outside and going for car rides! He even brings us his shoes when he wants to go outside! That is a major accomplishment!

On Friday, we took a ride out to my brother's home in Raymond. He has 3 acres of gorgeous land with a jungle gym, 3 horses, a barn with a tractor and lots of open space to just run. We were prepared to get there..and turn around and leave after a few minutes..boy were we surprised! Christopher just LOVED being there! He went down a slide for the first time in his 4 years, went on a swing for the first time..and even went for a pony ride..and a hay ride! I was in tears! He actually stayed at my brother's house for 2 whole hours! AMAZING!! No tears..only smiles and laughter! My little angel is actually doing it!

We plan on making this a bi-weekly thing for him. Maybe even each week. Christopher has come such a long way from that little boy screaming on our porch!

Now, we just need to get him to talk..and everything will be wonderful! Even if he never speaks, just to get him to communicate in some form will be a miracle! The therapists are going to start using 3D objects on a board to see if he will point to what he wants to do. They are starting that next week. We have already started teaching him some sign language also.

I am just so very proud of my Christopher! One day, maybe I will hear him say "I love you, Momma"...I think they would have to pick me up off the floor when that happens!

Stop by his store, Jewelry by Christopher, and have a look at his picture! He is just too adorable! Have a look around while you are there. Maybe you will find something you like! We donate proceeds to help children affected with Autism!


STUBSINC said...

This is Great News!!!

Fleapirates said...

I'm sorry I am about a week late in posting on this... been out of commission! **blushes**

But this is fantastic news! :)
Even the tiniest of steps are important, and this sounds like Christopher took LEAPS! I can understand how proud you must be!

Keep up the good work, Mom!

kornkountrytreasures said...

This is super news!! You have every right to be proud!!! And yes, everyone, this store has some GREAT ideas for Christmas presents! And you'll be helping a good cause, too!

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Thank you so much ladies!

Thanks for that plug Amy! I really appreciate it!