Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage Christmas Decorations & Ornaments for Holiday Time

Vintage Christmas Decorations &
Ornaments for Holiday Time

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Do you like Decorating for the Holidays? Then
check out my auctions!

I am offering my entire collection this season--for the first time! I have some Very
Vintage items, QUALITY mid-century things, and hard-to-find good ones!

micahouse1.jpg (36495 bytes)

Large Mica House, with Bottle Brush Trees

bbcandles.jpg (38514 bytes)

Bottle Brush Candle Sticks & Bottle Brush
Wreath Ornaments

bbwreath8.jpg (35052 bytes)

bbwreath5.jpg (34137 bytes)

bbwreath2.jpg (33593 bytes)

Look at these UNIQUE Elves!

alelves.jpg (35365 bytes)

Howard Holt Feather Angel Choir

japan_angels.jpg (28943 bytes)

I also have GIRL SCOUT ornaments, STAR TREK
ornaments and many others, MINT in their ORIGINAL Boxes...

Want Christmas Jewelry? Got that, too!
Take a look! It is all here on Online Auction, the BEST Auction Site in the

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