Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Native American Indian Dolls are Quite Collectible

Native American Indian Dolls are Quite Collectible

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Years ago, my daughter inherited a big collection of Native American Indian dolls from a dear friend. Our friend loved Native Americans; anything and everything concerning Native American Indians! After he passed away, our home was filled with statues, books, dolls, you-name-it--if it was related to Native Americans, and he liked it, he bought it, and we inherited it.

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At the time, she was a small child--in elementary school. So we would pack the dolls up and take them to her school in November, around Thanksgiving time to decorate the big dining hall so the other children could see and enjoy the dolls.

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After she left that school in 8th grade, we just packed the dolls up, and put them in storage, and there they have been--until now. She is currently a senior in college, and no longer wants to keep the dolls.

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So up on OLA they go! Our friend purchased these dolls at antique shops, and antique shows.

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Some have their original tags still attached--see the one above? The tag reads: Reservation Made by Oglala Sioux.

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Some are very old. The pair of dolls above are made of composition, and are wearing oilcloth clothing.

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The one above is hard plastic and is wearing a felt costume, decorated in blue and red.

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There are several Bully Good Skookum Dolls. The one above has a celluloid face.

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The pair of dolls in the picture above are newer. Their clothing is vinyl.

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The Native American Princess doll above is Unique in that she has articulated knees. Look at her clothing. She is a sweetie.

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This one is made of sawdust; with a celluloid face. I think she is circa 1950s. Check my many auctions. I am listing lots of dolls, and related Native Americana items: I have a couple of Totem Poles, and small decorative items: a Peace Pipe and more! Who knows what else I will find? Email me if you have a specific want!

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kornkountrytreasures said...

I love these little dolls! I have one that I have had since I was a little girl-about 52 or so years old. Kind of worn but still precious to me! These remind me of it and they are in wonderful condition!

Madeline said...

They are neat, aren't they? It has been fun going through them all again!