Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OnlineAuction.com Chat Room

Not everyone using OnlineAuction.com realizes the wealth of information that is made available 24 hours a day on the OLA Chat Forum.

We have created a forum dedicated to “How To” Tutorials that were created by our OLA users themselves.  Step by step, our user made tutorials can walk you through things such as, setting up your store categories, how to set up your payment module, how to take a perfect picture for your auction listing,  and much more!

If you can’t find the answer within the tutorials we offer, please post your question(s) in the chat room. You will find there is always someone available and more than happy to help! You can personally send me (Renee) an O-Mail - our personal on site message system. 

You may also contact us at support@onlineauction.com  or call our toll free # 800-900-2828

Aside from tutorials and helpful information, we offer weekly games, such as Terrific Tuesday (weekly), Fantastic Friday (first Friday of each month), and The Scavenger Hunt (once a month).

We also offer monthly contests with Auction Enhancement prizes.

Please ask questions, find answers, interact, explore - visit our OnlineAuction.com Community today! It is also a very good resource, for anyone considering selling at OnlineAuction.com. (It’s FREE to sign up as a Basic Member)

Have a Great Day!

Registration: https://www.onlineauction.com/beta/register/compare

From our lovely Customer Support Rep, Renee!


Aesthetics48 said...

You are right, lots of great info in the chats!! People should take advantage of it too.

chateycathey said...

I agree. Great post and I am one of them that needs to take advantage of them. All I do with the blog is leave post on others blogs. have a fear of bloging and do not know why. Maybe after I do it I will be ok.

CurioCache said...

More reasons to LOVE onlineauction.com!!