Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper!

Do Manufacturers actually think we were born yesterday? With, maybe, NOT an observant bone in our bodies! I have been buying Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue for a very long time because when I started buying it there was quality and the price per square sheet was the best compared to all the other brands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like the quality of the toilet tissue and still purchase Northern.

It is just that I really resent the CON. Go up on the price, that is normal and I can handle that. Being up front and honest about a price change doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that whoever works for Northern Marketing thinks they are slick when they get double the money by making the cardboard roll, that holds the tissue, larger too! I measured an older cardboard tube and it measured approximately 44 centimeters then I measured the new cardboard tube and that measured approximately 47 centimeters!

In my book they may not be getting double the total price (I haven’t measured the sheets lost.) but to give less per roll and go up on the cost sure isn’t hurting their net profit!

Example: Back in the day there used to be small, medium and large eggs. Manufacturers realized that the small eggs weren’t selling as well so they reclassified the eggs to medium, large and extra-large. And then came the JUMBO. Ha ha ha, a chicken can only lay an egg just so big. Get it any bigger and you will get a goose egg!!! Then think about it…. What happened to the small egg? They are still there but now they are called mediums. When was the last time you saw “small” eggs for sale at a grocery?

Think about it big manufacturing boys, we buyers do know what your up to. I would just prefer you be upfront and honest and just put the higher price on your products. Don’t use the little increment cons.

Don’t get me started on canned products, those guys are just as bad! BP is going down now.

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Fleapirates said...

ROFLOL, Ace! I can just see you measuring the cardboard roll...

Good news? You can still shop at OLA and get GREAT PRICES on all kinds of stuff... necessities and luxuries!

Now I gotta put up some TP with those Tidy-Whiteys??? ;)

chateycathey said...

LMBO You keep me laughing Ace. Between you, SG and Fleapirates I am learning so much. lol One that really gets me is cereal. Do they really think we are stupid or what? When you open it you get 1/2 box of cereal and 1/2 box of air. Guess they think we buy cereal by the size and not the brand. Love your post...keep em coming lol

chateycathey said...

Every time I think about this I crack up laughing LOL. Just do not think I will forget this one for a long long time. Just wanted to let you know this subject is still on my mind. Still laughing

CurioCache said...

..and premium dog food.. Used to come in 40 lb bags, , then 37 pound bags, and now 35 pound bags... still the same price (or more) tho!!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Love you pointing this out!! They also make SMALLER squares!! Found out when I could squeeze my finger between the side of the holder and the roll . . . . wasn't like that before!! LOL!! Sure enough, almost an inch!!! Wow!!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

LOLROFL! Have you checked the size of tuna cans lately? How about coffee and hot dogs that used to be 1 lb but now they're 12 oz. Grrrrrr!