Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Hint #24 -- Outdoor Decorations

Outside decorations don’t have to be elaborate. A string of lights inside a window looks great from the outside and it’s easy to take down. If you run it from the bottom corners up to the middle top, it looks like a Christmas Tree from the outside. Weave some tinsel in with it and it looks even better from inside and out.

When our granddaughter outgrew hew baby clothes and stuffed animals, I dressed the critters in her baby Christmas outfits. I moved the couch up to the picture window so I could use the couch back to prop up the critters, facing out. The display turned out so cute, people actually knocked on our door to tell us how much they enjoyed it and it didn’t cost a penny.


CurioCache said...

I bet it was fantastic! I'd have loved to see that.. how creative!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I like doing the outside from the inside!! Hubby did all the trees two years and we decided it was way too much work, especially since they kept getting taller!! Lights in the window are neat, though, and easy!!

Got any pics of the critters all dressed up??