Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Hint #25 -- Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts add a special old-fashioned feel to Christmas. If it’s too late to make your own gifts, help support other crafters by purchasing their handmade items. You can also add a quick homemade touch to store-bought items.

One year I bought scented candles as gifts. It only took a few minutes to knit a ribbon and bow to put on each one.

Knit or crochet a washcloth to go with a store-bought bath set.

Make a homemade bookmark to go with a store-bought book.

Sew a carpenter’s apron to go with a set of tools.

Whatever you buy as a gift, think about how to personalize or accessorize it to make it even more special.

Here are the handmade items available at


kornkountrytreasures said...

Great ideas!! One for the guys-Fire Extinguisher with some favorite Hot Sauce!!

chateycathey said...

When you buy on OLA and buy from a crafter you are buying items made in America. I am all for that. Great post

Fleapirates said...

Awesome ideas! And we sure have a lot of talented crafters at OLA... there's something for everyone!