Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get ready for CAMPING!!!

Ok, so you think I'm a little nuts! Gettin' a little chilly out there to go campin', right?

Now is the best time of year to gather all that camping gear together, put it in a box so that it will be ready for summer! What a great family gift!!

Back when I was little, we would go camping in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. They weren't too far away and we loved it! Mom always forgot something, though, like the can opener and Daddy had to open the can of peaches with an axe! So, they put together a "camping box". They had everything in there from salt and pepper shakers, matches, utensils, CAN OPENER, plates, skillets, coffee pot, you name it and they had it!

About 6-7 years ago, this is what we did for my son and his kids. He is a single dad and they love to go camping! So we gathered up the utensils, pots and pans, dishes, CAN OPENER, matches, salt and pepper shakers, and anything else we could think of and put it in a steamer trunk. Then we got them a tent and sleeping bags. They absolutely loved it and go camping a lot!!

So, put your thinking cap on and take a peek at some of the items we have on OLA.com! Great for camping or picnicing and this just scratches the surface!

A Folding Camper Saw with Button Lock will definitely come in handy from AKelly110

And a good Energizer Weather Ready Folding Lantern is a must from Fremont OLA!

How about a Picnic On the Go that has enough utensils, plates, glasses and salt/pepper for a family of 4 from Korn Kountry Treasures?

This is a great little Griswald Cast Iron Skillet from Ladygohappy but you might want to save this one as a collectable! This is an oldie!

Here is a better choice for camping, an Old Mountain Medium Skillet from Yogibear66.

Just in case you have no firewood (and also comes handy if you lose power)
how about a great Brunton Profile 2 Burner Stove from Larry's.

If you are going to be sitting on the ground, this Waterproof Picnic Blanket from Neatstuff333 is a must!

And a Coleman 15X13 Instant Screened Shelter from Crystal777 might come in handy even in your backyard!!

So, think outside the box this Christmas! What will give your family many great hours of activity and great memories besides? Get a family gift that they can use as a family-strenghthen those bonds that seem to be pulling apart in today's world!

Of course, all of us at OLA.com are pleased to have you shop in our stores! And if you just want to browse, I invite you to our store, Korn Kountry Treasures! Thank you!


chateycathey said...

What a great idea Amy. Thanks for passing that on.

CurioCache said...

I've never been much of a camper, but since we started gold prospecting, I'm up for it! The group we belong to has free camping all over the state, so that's a really good incentive, and it looks like everything I need is right here at OLA!

Fleapirates said...

When my kids joined the Scouts, I told both troops... I'll help you out with anything, just don't ask me to sleep in a tent!!!

So, yeah, I am no camper.

But wow, we sure have some great deals at OLA for people who ARE campers!

Supergranny said...

Super idea, we used to have some old suitcases with our camping gear.

kornkountrytreasures said...

That works!! Anything to keep it all together so you don't forget the CAN OPENER!! Let me tell ya, those peaches went everywhere!!!

Simone Wilson said...

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