Friday, December 30, 2011


I noticed in the chats that we have a new member. The user ID is HappyFrog. This new seller told of being treated badly at other places as a new member. It was sad but this newbie here sounds so up beat and positive and not afraid to ask for help in the chats.

I could not help HappyFrog figure out how to move 500 photo's fast so I decided to help this way. I am going to post some of their items and then I am going to face book and tweet them and share this blog. If any one has any idea for transferring that many photo's quickly please go to the chats and let them know.

We are glad you have found a new pad here at OLA.COM and I think you will find nothing but helpful friends at your new family pad. For those of you wondering what is for sale on this site you can go to or you can look below.

I do not know how happrfrog loaded her photo's but when I go to properties and copy the URL and post it in the frame I get a message in red saying it cannot be posted, so I will still list some items but just with no pictures. You can see them all at the link above.

1. Winnie the pooh Easter bunny with basket wearing bonnet For the pooh

2. Curio cabinet with ceramic miniatures

3. Winnie the pooh leather backpack Great gift to purchase

These are just a few of the many items for sale at this store. and when you are done shopping there I would be so happy to see you if you stop by my store and check out the items I have on special sale until Monday at 6PM EST. You'll be able to find me at

Have a very happy new years eve and please be safe

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kornkountrytreasures said...

The Pooh backpack is really nice looking!!