Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is approaching FAST!

Christmas is fast approaching! And if you are looking for that last decorating piece or something special for the holidays, NOW is the time to order it!!

Christmas Charm Platter is new in the box from Angelonthewind, perfect for Santa's Cookies!Darling Hillbilly Christmas Doorstop from Yogibear66! How cute is this?Musical Christmas Story Book from Yawningdawg! Come on, Grandma, you know you want it for those grandbabies! Snowman Wall Pocket Handpainted Christmas from Jenbanna88 will give a homespun look! And the Mikasa Winter Basket Christmas from our store, Kornkountrytreasures, will be beautiful as a centerpiece!

So, whatever it is that you still need (or think you need!), check out for great deals, great sellers and great prices!! Thank you!!

(Only 14 days left!!)


CurioCache said...

I'm shoppin' as fast as I can!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Me, too, but I have til January!!!! We don't exchange gifts til daughter and SIL come home after the holidays. I LOVE those last minute deals-I still have time to get 'em before they are needed!!!