Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Raffle Auction for a Great Cause!!

This is almost up!! Your last chance to buy a ticket for a super cause!! This auction is really a raffle! All the rules are below. And Yogibear66 has challenged us to 4 more ticket purchases and she also throws in an Amazon Gift Card worth $50.00!! (that is in addition to the gift card ALREADY in the box!!). This is gonna be a great prize for someone! So, please purchase a ticket for a great cause!! We thank you!!! Just click on the box to take you to the auction!!

This is a Mystery Auction to raise funds for our very own DraggonTagger. As a third time cancer survivor, long-time OnlineAuction.com Member Jennie has had a very long fight. She has beat the big C once again, but has a very long road back and lots of big bad bills that need to be paid.

Recently, a Mystery Auction was run and a wonderful amount raised to help pay some of Jennie's bills. The thing is, not everyone could afford to bid after the bidding started climbing. Lots of members would like to help and we've found a way to run a Mystery Auction that everyone has a chance to win.

Members have been sending YogiBear66 all kinds of goodies to put into a Mystery Auction and we've decided to do it in a raffle type format. Everyone will have the opportunity to buy "drawing tickets". All the purchased tickets will go into a drum and a winner drawn on December 15. For every 10 tickets sold, we will give hints as to what is in the mystery box. Could be collectibles... could be health and beauty... could be pet accessories... could be household... could be clothing... could be food/candy... could be decorations... could be gift cards... hell, it could be cash!!! It could be ANYTHING. OLA Members are donating left and right, so the box will have lots of different goodies in it!!! In the immortal words of Forrest Gump (with a little liberty taken to make it fit): A Mystery Box is like a Box of Chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.

Here is how the tickets break down:

Buy One $5 Ticket = One ticket into the drum

Buy Two $5 Tickets = 3 tickets into the drum (1 free ticket bonus)

Buy Five $5 Tickets = 10 tickets into the drum (5 free ticket bonus)

To get the multiple ticket bonus, you must buy the multiple tickets on the same day. You can buy one ticket, you can buy 100 tickets. You can buy a ticket a day or buy everything all at once and get bonus tickets! This way, everyone has a shot at winning the Mystery Auction!

This auction will start off with 5 Vintage Brooches. The minimum value of these brooches is $15. When 10 tickets have been sold, we will give another hint of what is in the box. For every 10 tickets sold, we will disclose something else AND we will add something else to the box!

All payments will be made to YogiBear66. Yogi takes Google Checkout, personal checks, US Postal Money Orders, Serve.com, WePay.com, and all major credit cards. If you need to make payment through PayPal, payments will be made to American-Hippie. No tickets will be placed into the barrel until payment has cleared.

The winner of the box will need to pay for the shipping. Shipping will be EXACT postage cost. No handling fees or packing fees or anything more than exact postage. We will ship it via USPS Flat Rate or USPS Ground, whichever you prefer, but there won't be an extra dime tacked on to the exact postage. You have our word.

Think about how wonderful it is to have your health and then buy tickets generously but do not go into debt yourself.

DraggonTagger has been an OLA Member for years. Some members know her as DraggonTagger. Some know her as Game Hostess. Some know her as The Welcome Waggon Draggon. For most of us, she is simply Family.




If you'd like to donate something for this mystery auction, please omail yogibear66 directly. If you'd like to donate cash directly without participating in this auction format, here is the link: https://www.wepay.com/donate/129710

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