Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Act of Kindness..Fleapirates Style..

A few months ago, Fleapirates asked in our chat room if anyone had any Scrabble tiles available, as she was going to make pendants out of them. I found a Scrabble game at a yard sale and sent them to her to use. She has made some amazing ones... and what a great way to "re-purpose" something!  Well, I got a little package in the mail from Flea, and opened it, and was DELIGHTED to see she had taken some of those tiles and put my horse's pictures on them!! 2 of my favorite little man, Minion, the miracle baby, and one of his  Mom, Jazzmine.
I just think this so cool - I can show off my little "family" everywhere I go. What a fantastic Christmas surprise this was!!
So, I thought I'd showcase just a few of the fun/unique/clever items Fleapirates has for sale!

Wow! A Victoria's Secret DOG!

I would soooooo get these if they were my size! Ladies Privo by Clarks Mary Janes!

A purple sparkly snowflake Scrabble tile pendant!

I just think this is so elegant! Dahlia with Rhinestone Scrabble tile pendant!

I priced these at the Nature store near here.. TREMENDOUSLY expensive... but not if you get them from Fleapirates! Artesania Vicuna Llama baby!!

This is just a small sample of Flea's wares.. there are more Scrabble pendents, books, DVDs, collectible stamps, pottery, and so much more! Take a looooooong peek at Fleapirates Plunder!


chateycathey said...

What a great blog for a great OLA partner. Fleapirates is so special. You did a great job featuring her items. Now she tells me she does not paint BUT what about the tiles. she paints those don't she. Either way they are so cool. The tiles is where I got the idea she paints anyway.

chateycathey said...

Forgot to tell you I love your sparkly "I LOVE ONLINEAUCTION" banner, even if it does not move it is really cool.

Fleapirates said...

Oh, Curio, I am so glad you like them! **blush** Thank you for this really sweet blog post!

CC, I take graphic images and photos and turn them into pendants. Sometimes it is a postage stamp, other times a greeting card, a magazine pic, a photograph, or an image I have found or created online.

I do have someone near and dear who shares some fantastic drawings with me, and I have used those for pendants before, but they have all stayed in my personal collection... one day perhaps you'll find some of his work in my store!

kornkountrytreasures said...

These are darling!!

I saw a request for Scrabble tiles OR keys from a keyboard. Perhaps people are using these also?? Have you heard of any crafty ideas for these??

You do great work, Flea!!

Cathy Cavarzan said...

What a wonderful thing to do Flea you are the bestest for sure