Sunday, December 18, 2011

Positive Dealing With Negative People

I signed on today and was checking the chats when I saw someone had posted a message in "wanted to buy". I guess I should have not looked at it because it made me kind of angry. And yes I had to speak my mind.

This person was complaining about being here for many more years than I have been here and this person has hardly had any sales and was leaving OLA and making negative remarks about our site and it got me to thinking.

I left a reply to the post about how you need to promote yourself and how so much help is available to her and all she has to do is come to the chats and read some of the articles about promoting, listing, SEO. He/she was saying their items never show up in the SEO's.

After letting him/her know how much help is here for them I ask why I had not seen them in the chats before. Also ask how they promote their store, self and items. I did not get a reply to my question which I did not expect one anyway.

This has me thinking how well we did in November when Cindy challenged each of us to blog one a day for the month. People were really happy to see how we moved up in the search engines. Curio even found my blog about blogging on the first page days after it was done. So if this person was really watching the google searches he/she should have seen the speed we moved at to get there.

Now I want to go back to that chat and say "Where were you in November?"  How were you promoting your store, your items other members of OLA and OLA itself. However, I will not do that as I think I have said enough in my earlier response. They have to know they cannot just list an item and somehow magically buyers find you first thing. If they have been selling for years like they said they should know you cannot sit on your duff and expect miracles without helping them to happen. Maybe that is why they are negative. I would rather like to think that they did not know how to get help, but we will see as I was not the only one to leave information for them.

We are here to help each other, help oursleves and help people to get very familiar with OLA.COM If we follow what advise is there we can get it done. Left this person with my favorite which is OLA ROCKS. I wish them well but I hope if they ever leave another post please keep it positive and thank you. Maybe they need a copy of  the book Cathy just got published about being positive. It can be found at or get in touch with her at her store at the following here

Keep it positive and it will happen eventually. Thanks for reading my blog and please comment as it means something to me.


callmemomo said...

I read that post and the following comments. I could not bring myself to comment because it made me angry also. And everything was already said that could be said. Selling online is no different than any other job. If you don't show up, you don't get paid. It's really a simple concept. Thanks for your post, CC!!!

chateycathey said...

Your welcome Momo, When I responded I was fuming. Had to go and correct spelling I was typing so fast LOL. Have cooled off some BUT they DO NOT WANT to succeed so why waste our time. It is so much eaasier to bitch than work.

Cathy Cavarzan said...

Thank you for the plug CC it is appreciated.Yes I did see the thread earlier but I choose not to respond as the responses have already been given LOL
Also to keep in mind that the chat threads are spidered by google wether they are positive or negative. :)
Overall they were great comments and a great blog CC

CurioCache said...

Thanks for posting this! It's easy to find pretty much ANY help via our chat forum. Folks don't even have to wait for an answer... there's probably already a "sticky" with the information they need. I get very frustrated too...fortunately it's not a very common occurrence when someone complains, cuz, as you said....OLA ROCKS! :)

Fleapirates said...

I have found that "no response" is often the best response. The more people respond, the higher rank it gets in the search engine results AND the post tends to stay on page one of the chat forum, keeping the positive folks "riled". Better to let it slip to the bottom of both, in singularity!

And in fairness to all, people are entitled to their opinions.

Let's say a group of us got together and started discussing our favorite MALL stores... there might be someone who would disagree with MY choice of favorite "anchor" stores, for reasons of their own... and that's ok! That's called diversity!

The trash talking, however, just confirms to me that the person is narrow-minded and difficult to please. Let them wallow in their own misery... SOMEWHERE ELSE!