Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Puppy Christmas

I found a really cute video on YouTube called A Puppy Christmas. I just had to share it!! And speaking of puppies, sellers have a lot of cute puppy items for you to choose from!!
Just take a peek!!

 Puppies at Play Wood Magnet from Sparky44_1999. Sparky makes his wood magnets and they are super!! He has LOTS of wood magnets!!

 A Cute Puppy Towel from Angelonthewind would really dress up the kitchen!!

 How adorable are these 3 Cute Figurines Puppies from Goldi!!

 Or this adventure A Puppy Called Runt from Darsroom!

And for your wall, how about this Four Aces Lab Puppy Collector Plate from our store, Kornkountrytreasures!!

Whatever your pleasure, come on over to and browse around!! And enjoy the cute video!!

Merry Christmas and thank you!!


chateycathey said...

Love you blog and I love puppies. Al and I just gave both of ours a bath. They were out in their run whenthe coulds opened up and they got soaked.

CurioCache said...

How cute! There's nothing like a puppy to give one a true reality check. Best medicine in the world!

callmemomo said...

Ahh they are all so cute!! And thanks so much for spotlighting one of my items!!!!

Fleapirates said...

There is always plenty of "cuteness" during the holidays, but that was, by far, the CUTEST thing I have seen thus far! Thank you for sharing! You made my day!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I think they did a wonderful job catching these little pups in their curiousity!!