Thursday, December 15, 2011


There is a town called Don't-You-Worry
On the bank of River Smile
Where the Cheer-Up and Be-Happy
Blossom sweetly all the while.
Where the Never-Crumble flower
Blooms inside the fragrant Try,
And the Ne'er-Give-Up and Patience
Point their faces to the sky.

In the valley of Contentment
In the province of I-Will
You will find a lovely city,
At t he foot of No-Fret-Hill.
There are thoroughfares delightful
In this charming little town,
And on every hand are some shade treees
Named the Very-Seldom-Frown.

Rustic benches quite enticing
You'll find scattered here and there;
And to each a vine is climbing
Called the Frequent-Earnest-Prayer.
Everybody there is happy
And is singing all the while,
In the twon of Don't-You-Worry,
On the banks of River Smile.

I. J. Bartlett

I love this poem and I hope you enjoy it also

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kornkountrytreasures said...

I really like this-I've heard bits of it but didn't know what it went to. Thanks for posting this, CC!