Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It is winter time in most states. In western North Carolina where we live it is not quite bad yet. But the news says it is. Supposed to be 60* today and it has rained for the last three says, forecast for tonight is 23* and rain turning into snow. That is a big change within 24 hours

I moved here in 2004 from Florida. Saw snow only one time in all the 34 years I lived in Florida. I grew up in Kentucky where we had lots of snow. I love the snow. My husband grew up in Cleveland Ohio and he is always telling me how happy he is that we live where we do. Last year they had 111 inches of snow in Ohio. I can not say he loves the snow.

The yearly average amount of snow for where we live is 4 inches. They may have to change that average as we had 28 inches last year. And I was told that in 1994 they had 24 inches in 3 days.  As I said before I love the snow and I was the one hiding and throwing snow balls, and making snow angels.

Hubby was always telling me to bend my knees when I walk in the snow. Why? He bent his and he was the one who fell down the steps. He did not get hurt bad but his wrist still has a scar from 2 years ago. We just went and got our rock salt. Going to be ready for this one. I hope we get about 2 inches.

We are the town goers for some people who live by us. Maddie is 79 yrs old and does not have a car. She has a daughter who seldom comes to check on her. Just a phone call now and then. She lives down the mountain from us so on our way to town we check if she needs anything especially when we have snow.

We check on most of them. It is so funny how some of the people who live in the mountains do not want anyone to have their number or come knocking on their door. Some would rather do without as to have others do for them. We never see them out in the snow and at their age they maybe should not be.

Arkansaw had enough snow yesterday and last night to make a very healthy looking snowman. Forecast calls for that much about 45 miles north of us. Only one bad mountain to go over to get there but we will probably not go. I like to go to Maggie Valley and watch the skiers. Right now they are making their own snow but will probably stop after tonight.

The only thing that bothers me about living in the mountains is when it snows and is very cold the town shuts down. The banks, the restaurants, the schools, the libriary, the shops on main street, the court house, town hall, theater and bowling alley. No place to go at all. Even wallmart closes. The only place open is Lowes and they tell us on the radio what time it is closing, which is usually much earlier than their regular hours. It is on a road that needs to be closed.

Hope I wake up to snow tomorrow and that all my friends on OLA who live where there is a lot of snow stay safe. Enjoy what you can and be careful when it is called for. Bundle up and wear a beanie to help keep the heat in, a scarf for your neck and gloves for your hands. All these items can be found on in many of the stores. Most of them hand made and one of a kind.

Life is short, live it , love it and share it. Above all else enjoy it as you only get this one chance at it.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy

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