Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And the race is on!!!

 Well, after a very tense night, the winner in the Iowa GOP Caucus was named Mitt Romney with a VERY close race with the runner-up Rick Santorum. The difference was a mere 8 votes!! And Ron Paul didn't do badly, either, coming in third!! I must say, every time I looked at the numbers, the names changed around between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum!! It was super close!!

Perhaps I need to be out scrounging out pieces of memorabilia!! Who knows what it might be worth some day? I know there was a woman in the news, about 12-14 years ago, who saved every scrap of advertising mailed to her and sold it all for a hefty little sum!! And this was way before President Obama was elected or even thought of running!! I can't remember what it was but if it makes the 6 o'clock news here it had to be more than a kick in the pants!!

That got me thinking about the other items that might be out there, political buttons, souveniors from elections past that are now collectable!! And is the perfect place to list them!! After all, you can list tons and only pay $8 per month!!!

So, I picked out just a few!! Take a peek!!

 For instance, I found this nice Elect Johnson & Humphrey ~ Vote Democratic at Classic_Chloe's! And she has others to boot!!

 4lllls has these two Campaign Buttons in their store!!

And last but not least, I located these great WHEATON N.J. BOTTLES Elephant & Donkey 1968 in the store Morerivethead84!! Wonderful!! has a great variety of political items! Just come on over and check them out!! Or list some more!! Remember, only $8 per month!!

And if you are just browsing for whatever, stop on over at our store, KornKountryTreasures!! Lots of variety there, but nothing political!!

Thank you!! Have a splendid day!!

New Hampshire, you are welcome to the ads!! Sorry!!!


Aesthetics48 said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful collectibles. What a great play on old and new topics. Love it.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Thanks, Ace!! Now, I'm off to collect!! Who knows??? Right??

CurioCache said...

Fun blog! Thanks for posting those cool political things!!

callmemomo said...

Great blog!! And thanks for sending it all my way (in NH). LOL

kornkountrytreasures said...

You are SOOOOOOO welcome Momo!!!