Monday, January 16, 2012

Gotta Love Them

Don’t get me wrong…I love my pets, but…….

We have a kitty that my son just brought home one day last year. She’s very pretty and most of the time very sweet. However, she hasn’t been spayed yet, and no matter how much I threaten my son that she’s going to go, he has done nothing….he knows me well. Anyway, she’s pretty much “in heat” every other week. At least I think that’s what her problem is. She seems to think my slippers are going to help her out somehow. Her mewling drives me insane!! I mean, I get it…she wants “some”, but really, give me a break. I can’t recall ever being like that when I was younger….well, maybe once, but at least I have a son to show for it….’nough said.

My other cat will be 13 on Valentine’s Day. She seems to have forgotten where the litter box is. But only for pooping. She has no problem finding it for peeing. As a matter of fact, she will pee in the box, jump out and poop right next to it. Really? I’m pretty sure I’ve never pooped on the floor, even though I am older than she is. So age is no excuse. How much more effort would it take to stay in the box to do her business?

I have a dog. He also will be 13 this year (in June), but he’s pretty much a perennial puppy, except when he wants to play old. The strangest part about him is he’s a Sheltie. Therefore, he is supposed to be part of the “herding” family of dogs. Well, I’ve never seen this animal chase down even a chipmunk. Not only that, but I think his brain is in backwards. He WILL herd humans, but only by walking backwards in front of them. He will also do this to the cats if I tell him to “go get the kitties”. He will get in their faces, bark and walk backward in front of them. Do they understand? No more than I do I guess because they just ignore him. The “old” part of him is his suddenly selective hearing. I can call to him and he will just pretend I’m not there, but if I whisper his name to “daddy”, he will come running to see what I’m talking about. Maybe that’s not such a dog thing, maybe it’s just a “guy” thing (sorry guys).

All in all, my pets take a sense of humor to live with, but they probably think the same thing about me. But I love them all to death and I sure hope they are grateful for that. LOL

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Supergranny said...

OMG, too funny....we have two cats but they're both 'taken care of". I don't believe I could handle the pooping 'deal'. I mean, when I get so old I pee in the toilet and poop beside it....I've lived long enough:) said...

Thanks for the laugh!

callmemomo said...

SG, my thinking exactly. LOL

chateycathey said...

That was way too funny LOL. Great blog MoMo. I am with SG on this one. If I do that my time is up LOL

kornkountrytreasures said...

You are funny!!

I really can't see you "mewling" or using slippers!!! LOL!!!!

CurioCache said...

Well, what if you poop in the toilet and pee next to it?

Supergranny said...

OMG, Curio, only you have the mind that twists and turns things...hahaha..funny..I don't like either one P or P!