Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Great Old Corvair!!

The grand old Corvair!! This little car started out in 1956 with the design and began rolling off the production line in 1959. This was to be the answer to a more econimical car for the American public. Produced by General Motors, it was supposed to be the answer to the Volkswagon Beetle, which was imported, and the Rambler American and Studebaker Lark. During it's hayday, 1,786,243 cars rolled off the production line.

Ralph Nadar, consumer advocate, wrote a book "Unsafe at any Speed" which halved the sales of the Corvair in 1966. By 1968, the sales had fallen to 14,800.

I love the Corvair!! When I first came to Des Moines, Iowa, these little cars were putzing all over the place!! And they were cheap!

Well, I married a man who had a Corvair, as well as a '64 Chevelle. During our first years of marriage, I can remember buying used Corvairs dirt cheap, $75.00, driving them for quite some time and then selling them for $75.00 to somebody else!! The most we ever sold a Corvair for was $3,900!! Not bad for '74! My husband had repainted it (he went to body school) and it was a Corvair Monza Convertible. And the darn thing wouldn't go over 35 mph!!

We did have one that every time I drove the thing, it would break down. I can remember stopping in a gas station to ask to borrow a screwdriver, opening the hood (in the back end, of course) and seeing the amazement of the attendent!! I was kind of used to it! Never did break down on my hubby!

Now the Corvair is a collectors car!! And those pieces and parts and yes, the cars themselves are getting fewer and fewer!! So, here are a few items that I found already listed on!! I have a few more that I will be listing but that's for another day!! Oh, if we'd only kept those little cars!

Both these beauties are listed by GRGAuction!!

You can find this great grill in SecondHandLions!

Great interior piece over at RoundPrairie2!!

And this Corvair Owners Guide 1965 is listed in our store, KornKountryTreasures!

And do you know the beauty of If you list a car, an owners book, a glove compartment door and a grill, guess who is going to pay the most in final value fees? NOBODY!!! Awsome, huh??

You can list a car for $8.00 and NO FINAL VALUE FEES!!!

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Supergranny said...

Oh, dear, I remember those Nader Haters!! He loved to slander stuff and make a name for himself by protecting us from ourselves.. I wanted one of those, but never got one. Cute things aren't they? Cool, korny!!

chateycathey said...

Good one Amy as usual. Good subject also.

kornkountrytreasures said...

I think altogether we musta had about 10 of these little cars!! Favorite was the Corsa, that was the last to go!! (that was also the one that broke down on ME!!!) hehe!! They WERE fun to drive! And I loved the idea of opening the hood to some mechanic who had no idea the engine was in the rear! What fun!!