Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lots of ACTION at!

I recently re-listed a Parachuting Sigmund Freud Action Figure (why Freud????)
and was wondering what other odd action figures were available at Here are a few that I found... enjoy!
From mvpcollectibles 1978 Grizzly Adams!

From silverjack810 a Gene Simmons KISS Demon figure!

From curiocache - a Casanova action figure....
 .....and a Wilhelm Richard Wagner figure (with super magical Maestro Baton! )..ok - just kidding..or am I??  You'll have to buy it and find out..

A fun Coneheads INS Agent from pickersgalore!

 What a great find!1973 Tonto from Classic_Chloe!

WOW! Grandpa Munster figure from 1964! Another amazing treasure from Classic_Chloe!

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kornkountrytreasures said...

Wow, talk about bringing back the memories!! Conehead, yes, I remember them from SNL when I liked them. Grizzly Adams? Tonto? Definitely!! What a trip through memory lane! Good blog, Missy!