Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Postal Rates Going Up

When I went to the post office today to mail out some packages I ask when the rates are going up. I was told the new rates start on January 22, 2012. I ask for a chart of new rates and was told they do not have one yet but that he would make me a copy of his which he did and I thanked him.

I was looking at it and I had to get back in line as I had questions. When I need to mail something that will fit in a small flat rate box that says if it fits it ships. I save postage for my customers using that as some items fit in it but are heavy so it is a good thing. Well that rate is not on what he gave me, and he did not know what it will be when rates go up. My husband is trying to send a post card to a friend and he does not know what that postage is. I do not know and it is not on the chart either.

Tried to look it up on the internet. One site said 42 cents and another site said 31 cents. USPS did not even have it listed. Guessing games at this point. Don't know what to do now but take it to PO and let them tell us. Now I had another question for him. How do we find out what a stamp is worth?

I am speaking about stamps without an amount on them and the ones I have go way back to like the 40"s and 50"s. I inherited then and never thought about it until a woman was in the PO putting those kind of stamps on letters. Now a 1 cent stamp has 1 cent on it but I have a bunch I have no idea of value. I am not a collector so I need to do research and when I find out what they are worth I will start using them. I imagine I will have to use different denominations on one letter to make the postage right.

Just thought I would let this be known as there are probably others with stamps that have no value printed on them. Interesting for sure. I have seen some stamps for sale on OLA.COM and wonder how they find out the value of them. Maybe someone will comment on this blog and send me in the right direction to do my research.

Thank you for reading my blog and comments are appreciated. If you can help me with my search please comment here and I will check back.

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kornkountrytreasures said...

I think we are all going to be surprised when the rates do go up!! I do wish they would get a chart out earlier than the day of . . . makes it hard to figure.

I would be careful of using those older stamps. They might be worth a lot more than say 1 cent!! Perhaps someone in the chats might know something about stamps. Good luck! Great blog!!