Monday, January 23, 2012

Postal Rates . . . .

As most of us here at, know, the postal rates have increased yet again, as of yesterday. Now, it is a mad dash to be sure that we are charging the correct and fair price for our shipping.

I have found that the parcel and priority are almost neck in neck as far as cost is concerned and can even be cheaper to ship priority rather than parcel post in some cases! Why is this?

The post office has fought having parcel post for quite awhile. You can't do "click-n-ship" for parcel post or media mail. They want us to use priority.

I figure that since so many people are still shipping parcel post, they will just let us pay more for that service!! Why not? We have always thought it was cheaper but in all actuality, it might not be anymore!

Consider this: if I ship a package from my home (50276) to my sister (80236) and it weighs 1lb, I will pay $5.14 for priority mail (I can print online and delivery confirmation is included) or I can take it to the post office, pay $5.35 (parcel post) PLUS delivery confirmation of $.85 in the post office, have to supply my own box and it takes longer to get there. Even if I print the label, using Paypal printing, delivery confirmation is still $.19 which would make the box cost $5.54 compared to the priority cost of $5.14. So, I would spend $.50 more at least!

If the box weighs 3lbs, priority will cost $7.14 online and $7.37 plus $.19 if printed online or $7.37 plus $.85 if paid for at the post office.

Regional Rate boxes are also a very good option! But they are only available to commercial so you will need to set up an account to use this service. Order them online and print the postage online. Well worth the effort!

Ordering the boxes, padded envelopes and other supplies is easy and most of these are free. Setting up an account to use "click-n-ship" is also easy! In a lot of cases, if the item is going priority, you can even request pickup!! I do it all the time!!

So, before putting something in a regular box, check out the new prices. You might save yourself and your customer some money by taking advantage of the priority rates.

You can find this information at the USPS website.

Thank you!

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chateycathey said...

Great post Amy. I bet a lot of people are so glad you posted this. I googled it and am gonna tweet and face book it. Thanks for the info

CurioCache said...

Excellent! And, I don't need to be bored to look at your store - you have wonderful things!