Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Story From a Minnesota State Trooper

Remember the old rock 'n roll song 'Go Granny go Granny go'? 
Now this little pistols (no pun intended)  eyes are just flashing with determination and fire....ya gotta notice those pearl button earrings.  Why, I'll betcha if she's wearing Depends they're thongs!  I personally would not have a concealed carry permit for anything....that's why we live in a town of 400.  Everybody knows I wield a 'mean' broom!

I'm getting off track a little bit but it seems like every senior citizen I know always has on the same pearl button earrings...cept for me...I still like the 'wild' ones.  I'm wondering where we go to get those pearl button earrings and at what age should we start wearing them?   Does anybody out there know?

OK, back to the story....read this and study the white haired little lady...then think how the heck did that Trooper keep his composure?

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kornkountrytreasures said...

Don't mess with Granny!! Love it, SG!! Thank you!!

Fleapirates said...

You are NOT ready for those pearl earrings yet, SG!

Gotta love this lady's spunk...