Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Telling time . . . .

I like older things. Perhaps that is because they remind me of a time when things were slower, more methodical, more people friendly.

I loved the buffets after church that my grandparents would take us to out in the park. Everyone brought their own silverware and plates and one dish! We always had a grand time! No paper plates, plastic silverware and no waste! Great food and great company!

I loved going to the local restaurant after school, ordering cherry cokes and french fries! Yum!! No MacDonalds then! Sitting and talking with friends face to face instead of texting!

So, while I am reminiscing, I'll tell you about an old mantel clock. It is a wonderful old clock, the kind you wind with a key. It has the chimes on the hour and half hour. It needs a little work as the hands don't keep up but the chimes do!! I don't wind it because it drives my husband nuts. And, for now, the time will always be 6:56!

I love this old clock. My Uncle George gave it to me about twelve years ago. He said it had been his grandparents wedding clock. Daddy doesn't remember but then Uncle George lived with Grandmother for many years before she passed away so he would know many of the stories more than Dad. I can't even tell who made the clock as there isn't anything on the face of it.

Periodically, I look around at old clocks to see if I can find one like mine. So far, I've not had any luck but I found some really nice old clocks that work!!

For the person that loves ornate things, this ANSONIA CHERUB NOVELTY CLOCK - Early 1900's
 would be a great gift! From CheeryLane! 

This  Sessions Clock Comp. Chime Mantel Clock 1930`s M.In USA from IOffer.ItAll is similar to mine but this one does work! It doesn't have the chime and decorative glass but it is a very impressive clock!

For the person who loves Disney, this Disney Mickey Mouse Sixty Year Anniversary Rare Alarm Clock from Vermonter53 would be a blast!

If you need a pretty little desk clock, Goldi has this Westclox Goldtone Ornate Desk Clock Germany Vintage available!

And I absolutely love the old mantel clocks! This GE ANTIQUE STRIKE # 6B08 MAESTRO MANTEL CLOCK is from Plusizeglamor!

The fun thing that I found was that OLA.com is not just a place to sell WORKING old clocks, it is also a place to sell old clocks for parts, new clocks and everything between!

I found clocks that look like a basketball with the team name on it, I found clocks that projected, I found clocks that even had a surveillance camera in it!

So, stop on over and take a peek at OnlineAuction.com! We have lots to choose from . . . . and if you aren't interested in anything particular, stop in and browse through our store, KornKountryTreasures! We'd love to have you stop by!!

Thank you!

Oh, and if anyone does recognize my clock or could tell me how to find out who made it, I'd really appreciate it!!

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chateycathey said...

I have a grandfather clock that chimes but it is not chiming right. Neewd work but keeps time well. I remember some of those clocks and they bring back great memories of my grandmother. Very nice blog.