Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Earth Box

I have noticed several people posting about gardens so I thought I would let you in on something I have been using since 1998 when I still lived in Florida. I lived in Bradenton and the person who invented it lived in the next town over which is Palmetto.

I am speaking of the earth box. Having a Garden is fine for most however it was just hubby and I so I did not want to dig up the yard for just the two of us. I went to Palmetto and spoke with the gentleman who invented the earth box.

Since there are so many critters there he told me I could grow all I wanted or needed in the screened room that was already up for the pool. I had a hard time with believing him. I wanted cukes, tomatos, scallions, radishes and more. When I told him how many I was growing for and what I wanted to grow he told me I only needed two boxes.

He showed me around at what he was growing and I was totally amazed. He had cabbage (2 to a box) and they were so hugh they actually hid the box they were grown in. He grew corn in them and he told me if it will grow in the earth box it will grow in his boxes. I was so impressed I got two of them. That year I had all the veggies we could eat and I use these same boxes still today.

I hope this link takes you to their site. If it does not just google earth box, Palmetto, FL

These boxes are amazing. When you purchase them you are given any extra's you may need. I never used the plastic covers but you get them, soil treatment products, instructions and all you need to get started. Here is how they work.

When you decide what you are going to grow you can actually start them earlier than usually inside and them move them to your porch or yard where they get sun. The concept is to water from the bottom and only mist from time to time on the leaves. there is a tube that goes down one side where you water it as the roots go after the water and it is always there if you check the box daily. When you put the hose in the tube to fill the bottom with water, you cannot over water as there is a whole in it that lets you know you have enough water in it. I had the best crop of all my years living in FL and it is amazing that I am still using them here in NC with the same results. 

Last year was not a good year for veggie gardens here and mine was not the greatest as it has been at other times but it was better than hubbies who insist in tilling, working the soil and all that comes with that. I do let him eat some of mine LOL.

Awesome Tomatos

Now I am going to attermp to put a couple of pictures off the net to show you what I mean and if that does not work you will see them when you check out that site.

One head of cabbage grown in an earth box

You can actually see where this young man is putting the water.

 The object is to water from the bottom at the root system and you cannot over water them.  There is a platform that goes in before you put the soil and seeds in and that allows for the roots to be free to go for the water. I firmly believe in them and when I went back to FL for a visit I bought 2 more. Which now have been leant to friends and they swear by them. They do not want to give them back but I give them the phone number and they will ship them right to your house no matter where you live. We surrprised hubbies dad one year with having 2 shipped to him. The older he got the harder it was for him to garden so we set these up on cinder blocks for him and he was so proud he was still growing things.

Garlic was his love and he has been deceased since 2009 and we still have fresh garlic he made and bottled himself.  He also loved putting fresh cut tomatos he grew on the table when we visited.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you got something from it. Comments are appreciated. And when you are done here why not come on over to my favorite selling place at OLA.COM and look me up at chateycathey  to see what I have now and listings I am still putting up for my 50% off sale ending February 8th at midnight, just in time to get it to you before Valentines day.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy


Krautrock said...

Beautiful garden. Can`t compare with my small patio. ...

Aesthetics48 said...

Very cool. Great gardening idea. I may have to rethink what I am doing now! Very interesting post.

CurioCache said...

We've got 4 acres, but sure don't need that much room for just 2 people..these sound like a great idea!! Thanks for posting!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I like this idea! No weeding! And no little critters digging holes underneath to get at the goodies!!

Thanks CC for sharing!

Supergranny said...

Love this. I wonder if stuff would grow on my east facing deck??? Half day full sun and very hot. What do ya think?