Monday, February 6, 2012


The rock slide on I-40 in western NC has been partially cleared. On the local news last night it was reported that the east bound traffic can now get through. The westbound lanes have been cleared so that one lane is open and they are warning truckers that traffic is slow. It took only a week to get one lane open.

That being said, they then went on to announce that the westbound traffic would have one lane traffic for miles as yesterday there was another rock slide on the Tenn. side of I-40. This one will take from 6 weeks to 2 months to get cleared completely, however one westbound lane can be used. 

Unfortunately unlike the rock slide of 2009 there are no photo's posted for this one. In 2009 someone was actually on the road and saw some smaller rocks coming down so he got out of his car and had his camera ready and captured the whole thing on video. His vehicle was not far from where they came down at. He was lucky.

Anyone who has lived , driven through or vacationed in the mountains knows that a rock slide does not announce itself. If I saw smaller ones coming down I am not taking any pictures. I am moving out as fast as my van will take me as rock slides are so unpredictible. You never know where they will start or where they will end before they decise to calm down.   

Maybe our local paper which only comes out twice a week will have some photo's I can use to let you know what we are talking about here. One boulder can be bigger than your car or truck. The only people who I know of who will still use this road even before it is completely safe are cross country truckers. I-40 is a major road for them and to take the detour adds about 2 hrs to their trips.

So now you have your update on 1-40 rockslides for this year so far. Both the one in NC and the one in Tenn are so close to the state line and they get a lot more rain there which is a major influence in the slides.

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kornkountrytreasures said...

Good to know about the cleanup! Wow, a week to get it moving again, even if slowly. Makes you realize how fragile our world can be.