Thursday, March 15, 2012

Frog Invasion!

Every Spring, we have a "seasonal" frog pond in one of the pastures. It's straight out the back door of my house, about 75 feet away. It starts with a couple of tentative croaks about mid-February, and increases every night until there are so many frogs croaking so loud that I can't even hear the TV! 
The YouTube video is an example of the sound these particular froggies make (not my video, but the same type of frogs..)  Since it has rained so much lately, the drain between pastures has clogged, and now I have 2 huge ponds... the second one QUICKLY filled up with frogs, making it twice as ...musical. I love the little green frogs, (not because of the noise..) but because they're kinda cute, and they attract 2 pairs of ducks that seem to like tadpoles, a raccoon family who seems to favor frogs as well, and even a Blue Heron that pops in once in a while and spears himself a snack. 

I found lots of Frogs at, too! Like this cute trio from LyndaLeesLoft!

ADORABLE Frog Prince trinket box from anniescup11!

Cute TY Jumps the Frog from spock100!

Stunning streeeeetchy frog ring from jomorro!

Fun Frogs Tea Towel from j7339!

Cute handmade leather frog tag from DraggonTagger!

Hop on in to to find YOUR special frog to kiss!!!


Fleapirates said...

I luv frogs!

(But I am glad they are not in my backyard!)

chateycathey said...

What a cute blog with all the frogs. We have some but not many. I love to hear the peepper frogs. Wakeing up in the morning with the birds singing is super also.

Supergranny said...

These must be small frogs or you would surely get out there and net ya some dinner:)

Susan Molthop said...

Boy, does this bring back memories. We had a farm with a pond full of frogs, too. The difference is that ours were bullfrogs. They got so big I couldn't hold onto one when I tried to rescue it from the road. At night they sounded like a string orchestra tuning up. When the moon was rising, the reflection on the water when the tadpoles came up was like something from a fantasy movie. The whole pond sparkled in the moonlight. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Yes, we get them all over, too. Bad when mowing the lawn.

The tree frogs make a LOT of noise for such a tiny critter!!

They are really super tiny and once in awhile get on the screen off the deck!! Sassy, of course, goes nuts!!

Great post!!