Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indoor Picnic!

All I can say is.....who's gonna MOW it???  We only have a riding lawn mower - or a little horse. I'm gonna go with the little horse..

To compliment your indoor grass table...might I sugest a few fun picnic-y things from

Fun picnic backpack kit from kornkountrytreasures!

Cute blue and white picnic set from angelonthewind!

And if you're gonna keep your grass table outside, you'll need one of these mosquito repellent lights from drt3035!

Plus, to keep that table looking good, a vintage 1945 lawn care book from callmemomo!

(Just in case you like that feeling of running barefoot in the grass, but don't like the thought of stepping on something...unexpected.. these are for YOU!)


kornkountrytreasures said...

OOOOOOH! Those grass flip-flops look comfy!!!!

I'm ready for the picnics!! Good weather, good food, good fun!!!

Thanks for the mention, Curio!! Where'd ya get the idea for the grass table???????????

CurioCache said...

Someone shared it on Facebook.. I thought Minion would like one... ;)

Supergranny said...

I love to grow grass in unusual fun items. Thanks!!!