Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Into Action!

 It's time for another store decorating contest! Always entertaining, these regular contests challenge our members' creativity and promote comraderie and fun. Our Customer Support gal, Renee, has thrown down the gauntlet in the Chat Forum. Are you ready to spring into action?

Anyone who has visited OLA in the last month has seen the effects of a recent glitch that crashed the site for several hours and wiped out images on many of the auctions site-wide. Recovering from this glitch has been quite a chore, not only for the OLA staff, but for store owners, as well.

If you are a store owner, reading this, who has not yet verified the existence of your auction images, you should do so, at once. OLA programmers have been working non-stop at correcting issues, but you can easily prep your store on your own, by re-loading your images. If anything else is amiss, you should contact Customer Support at your earliest opportunity, either by telephone, (800-900-2828), or by omail to OLAsupport. Additionally, you may find assistance from your peers in the Chat Forum.

All new and revised auction images are holding... I can vouch for that personally, as my listings have all been updated and new ones added without any difficulty! I see that many other stores are fully stocked with fantastic photos and auctions, as well.

 Buyers, we're ready and waiting for your visit!

And soon, many stores will be cheerfully decorated, too! Don't miss out!

Here are links to the stores who have already joined the OLA Spring Decorating Contest.
Please reward their efforts by taking a peek at their festive decorations!








chateycathey said...

Great blog Cindy. I posted one but cannot find out how to edit it as it did not post correctly. Your is great and thank you for trying to get the word out to all members of OLA and also to our sellers and buyers who may not know what has happened. OLA is the best place to be and I got so much help from MoMo finding my un-saved pictures. Thanks for tha plug also and so good to see you posting.

Aesthetics48 said...

That was a great promo and thanks for the mentions. We always have fun with the decorations!! ;)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Yup, we do!! Have to figure out what I'm gonna put in as I won't change out til the 18th since I have it for St. Patricks day now. That day is special. It was my grandmothers birthday. Thanks for the reminder, Flea!!

callmemomo said...

Great blog flea!! And thanks for the mention. Hopefully, we will get a lot of Spring decor after this winter. I love to go look at what others have done. Everyone is so talented!!!