Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Todays products . . . .

Okay, so I KNOW that a lot of you have noticed that the products that you buy are no longer the favorites you've depended on. So, what do you do about it?

Well, the other day, I bought some new Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges and was totally shocked! I have bought Scotch Brite for years! And I love them . . . . . or did. They lasted a good long time. I'd buy them in packages of 6 or 9 to save money. Yes, they were more expensive but they were well worth it. Well, no more!!

I had a couple of the old ones still left (I'd put them in another cupboard and forgot about them) so I compared the old stock to the new stock. Both are never used sponges. The left is the old stock, the right is the new stock. Do you see the difference? The old stock had a much better quality sponge. It didn't fall apart easily like the new kind do. It was like it had an extra step to make the surface more cloth like. Side by side, you can see the difference, too!

One of the main complaints is the scrubber side is less user friendly. It is harsh, not soft like the old stock. It is hard to hold and feels like there is almost a board glued to the sponge rather than a pliable scrubber. Corners are pokey and rough. You can definitely see the difference in the pictures. The left side even LOOKS softer and more pliable.

From the top side you can really see the difference in the sponge. The right has bigger holes (and let me tell you falls apart much easier).

So, I got on the internet and found a site where I could leave a review. I gave the new stock one star out of five and told them why. I also contacted the company and told them how unhappy I was with their "NEW" product!! I've had enough!! For $5.86 for a package of six sponges, plus sales tax, this was not a good buy!! I could have done better with the cheapies!!

So, no more am I going to be quiet and take it anymore!! In this day and age with the internet, digital cameras and the like, I can easily let these companies know what I think!!

To their credit, they are sending me a package with a return label and a replacement product. I just hope they aren't more of the same!!! I'll let you know!!

So, come on and join me!! If you have a problem with a company, let them know!!

By the way, have you ever read the laundry soap box for instructions and really LOOKED at the scoop they gave you in the box?????????????

Now, if you like GREAT customer service, come on over and visit me in my store!! We'd love to have you stop in!!! Thank you!!


Aesthetics48 said...

You are so right, so many companies are just manufacturing crap! My stupid washer was another example. grrrrr

Supergranny said...

I so agree. I have more time than money so guess you're right....start makin noise!

chateycathey said...

I agree with you Amy. If more people were to complain maybe (just a maybe) they would quit trying to rip us off. I usually but the store brand anyway as they last as long and keeps a little jingle in my purse. Good for you Korn. Hope they treat you right.

CurioCache said...

You go, Amy!! Let 'em have it! I'm right behind ya.. called Marie Callendar (not her personally) 3 times in the last 12 months, because my frozen meals either had the trays broken into tiny shards, or the clear plastic cover was not sealed. They were really nice about sending me a coupon for free dinners, and I took the ones that were damaged back to Safeway and they replaced them too. I wasn't sure where they had gotten damaged so I griped at both. Haven't had a bad one since..

kornkountrytreasures said...

As a follow up!! I got a package today from RR Donnelley which took me completely by surprise as this is the company hubby used to work for after they took over Meredith/Burda printing and then closed the doors. Hubby had worked there for 34 years. Anyway, I'm thinking why would they want to contact ME??

Come to find out they have fullfillment centers that they have purchased. And guess what was in this package? Five brand new sponges!! The OLD kind like I love!! And a return label to send my sponges back!!

So, to the 3M company. You held up your end of the bargain and stood by your product. I will consider buying the product again but believe you me, I will look them over very carefully!!

Thank you Scotch Brite and 3M.

MetzyMom said...

Way to Go AMY!!! Be sure to put a link to this blog on the 3M Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Excellent Job!!!