Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sellers and Items on OLA

In this blog I am going to feature sellers and their items. There are a lot of great sellers and buyers on and I have come up with a system for who I will blog items for to help promote their page and items. 

Here we have Aesthetics48
Color Touch Demi Haircolor Autumn Chestnut Red 5/4 Wella

And now will be : 4llls
Silver 925 Pendant Enameling Turtle

and from anniescup11
Ladies Handbag, Mosiac of Famous Womens Faces

plus a beautiful item form Annimae
Hand Painted Handsaw Old Farm Summer Scene

Besides these great sellers and talented people I hope you find time to visit my store at chateycathey and see what I have to offer for your consideration. 

Thank you for taking time to visit and read this blog. Please give the above sellers a visit and see all the Items I had to choose from when blogging about them. So many items it was not easy to decide. 


Aesthetics48 said...

Thank you CC for mentioning me! Awesome. ;)

chateycathey said...

You're welcome, you had pictures and a beautiful store.