Monday, November 12, 2012

More Cool Old Toys...Right in time for the holidays!

More Cool Old Toys...Right in time for the holidays!

The holidays seem so much brighter, more fun, more full of cheer when one is surrounded by the toys of one's childhood.  This may be a reason why more and more folks are collecting vintage toys.  To bring back the good things, the happy memories of times and people past.

I am pleased to offer here a few of the old vintage toys I have in my OLA Shop, Classic_Chloe

This is the front & back of a multi-page colorful brochure that came with this toy!  The pictures are priceless.
WWII Era; NOMA was known for their fabulous Christmas & Holiday Lights--Think early bubble lights...They took a holiday during the war.  
To keep the NOMA employees busy, and employed, they made wooden toys...Like this truck.  Been in my collection all of my life.

Marx Pressed Steel 1930s Farm Truck.  SOLD!!  An estate find.

Three Rooms in this set, Lots of Furniture.  All early tin litho.  Part of my personal collection.
Marx Early Tin Dollhouse Rooms -- Special Price -- for This Blog Reader only.  
Email me for details.

Tiny Toy Cars make great Stuffing Fillers.  Old Die Cast Barclay.  $5  SOLD!!

Who could ever forget playing with the big whistling spinning tops?  I loved them!  I have three in really good condition in my OLA Shop.

Don't forget the old Tray type Picture Puzzles.  I found a couple on OLA just now.

Wow.  Look what I just found on OLA, from OLASwansea

There are so many wonderful memories available for sale on OLA.  I think it may be a hint to RELAX.
So start your holiday shopping right now.   
Bid on what you like.  The OLA sellers accommodate YOU.
We can be flexible in shipping.  
You will never leave your home.  What could be easier than that?

Happy Shopping!
Until next time, 


kornkountrytreasures said...

These are awesome toys and such a wonderful post!! I love these!!

Aesthetics48 said...

Wow, day late and dollar short. Sad I missed these.