Saturday, December 8, 2012

Computer Tricks

Some of you may know that I just got a new computer. Well I learned a lot while shopping for one. 

If you buy a new computer now you may be loving all the free trial items and programs that come with it. The young man who sold me mine at Best Buy was very nice and told me a lot about the computer and also about the trial periods for the freebies. 

If you do not physical go in and delete them, when the trial period is up some of them automatically start charging you for them. Some of the freebies I had no clue what they were and what they did. So I had no clue how to cancel them. I think they depend on people who buy new computers to forget about them until it is too late.

So as I was talking with the young salesman I ask how many trial items were on there and he told me about 8 or 9. Now had I bought it not knowing what he had told me I could have very easily been taken for some big bucks. When I then ask how to delete them he told me it was complicated with new computers unless you knew about the systems. I did not know about the systems as I went from XP to Windows 8. I have had Windows XP for so long and I knew that system. Seems the new ones do not have XP.

After a long discussion about "Free Trial Periods" I had made my decision and I ask him if he wanted to make the sale and of course he did. Well for me it all depended on what he was willing to do for me to get the sale. I ask if he was willing to delete and refuse the trial period items. He said sure but it will take about 4 to 5 hours to get it done. So I said that is fine with me and will pick it up when you are done, just call me and  let me know it is ready.

Next day I had to call as they forgot to call me. That did not bother me as they are busy and it is the holiday season with lots of people shopping for items like this. What did bother me was when we got there to pick it up they had forgotten to do one item I asked them to do. I did not pay until they did it. All in all it was not a really bad experience for me and I sure learned a lot about trial periods on new computers.

I just wanted to share my experience of buying a new computer and now I know what questions to ask. I hope that in some way someone might be able to use the information in this blog.

I now have my computer home and am loving it and going to get more items listed on OLA and I am sure it will easier now that I am not using a computer that locks up on me so much.

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kornkountrytreasures said...

Awesome post! And I learned something from you that is great!! Didn't realize you could REFUSE the trials!! Thanks!!

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