Friday, January 4, 2013

Are You Afraid??

I am.... I'm partially agoraphopic, and have severe anxiety disorder, so I'm pretty limited as to where I go, and how far I drive.  I don't drive over bridges or on freeways anymore, so that's REALLY limiting considering, where I live.  I've had counseling, medication, bio-feedback (really works well, I have to say) and more counseling, but have suffered with this for about 12 years now.  Some days are better than others, so that's a good thing.  I ran across this interesting post on Facebook and thought I'd share. It's from some 2008 statistics, but still pretty recent.

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Fleapirates said...

Interesting graphic, Curio... never thought about fears that way, but it's correct.

I think we're ALL afraid of something! :)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Great post, Curio!

I have a friend who is somewhat like you, although she has never been treated for such. I know how tense she gets and totally cannot drive into a town outside her area. So I can imagine, although not completely, how anxious you get. I get antsy when I don't know where I am going and have been known to drive someplace the day before to check it out but other than that, I don't usually have a problem, except automatically turning the wrong way! That with me is a given!!

I feel for you, because it really does limit the possibilities for you! I suppose everyone has fears in different areas and in different ranges. It is interesting to note how many there really are!!

As usual, you've outdone yourself!! Thank you for sharing . . . I know that it can be hard. Hugs!!

CurioCache said...

Thanks! I watched a documentary on PBS about phobias, and there was a gal who could not turn right when she drove. She had no problem going places, just had to keep turning left when she drove to get there. She said it took her about 2 hours to get across her town to the mall, but she did it. The mind is a weird, weird thing. :)

Susan Molthop said...

It gets worse with age, too. I think it has to do with "pushing the envelope." When I was young, I was afraid of heights. During my middle years, Hubby and I did a lot of climbing and hiking. I learned to love the thrill of heights and dangerous places. Now that we don't do any of that anymore, the fear is creeping back in, darn it.

kornkountrytreasures said...

You are so right, ladies!! That little ole mind can do some VERY weird things. You can THINK yourself sick hence you can THINK yourself well!! I firmly believe that the mind is more than we mere mortals give it credit for!! So, think POSITIVE in all situations and you will do better in life!!

goldi said...

excellent post Curio.. You know I have claustraphobia and heights and that is limiting also.. Just have to do what you can. A nurse told me one time she had different phobias and as she got older they went away.. I'm still waiting, don't know how much older I have to be.. lol..