Monday, January 21, 2013

Collecting Corgi Diecast Cars

I recently listed a lot of Corgi Batmobiles for my friend and neighbor.  When I say "a lot," I mean 24.  Twenty four Mint in their Original Boxes--Corgi Batmobiles.

Not having experience with Corgi toys made me want to examine the company's history, and I thought I would share it with you, my OLA Blog Readers.  I hope you find this info interesting and helpful.

The lot of Batmobiles that I am offering on OLA are pictured above.  On my auction, you can see individual pictures and get a complete description of the toys.  My friend wants to sell these as a collection, so this would be an exciting opportunity for beginning a Corgi toy car collector.

By the way, I heard just yesterday that the original Batmobile TV car just sold for a cool 4.2 million dollars!  The 1955 car has been on display in North Hollywood since the Batman series ended.  The car's original cost was a mere $15,000, and it took about two weeks (15 days) to build.  

The sale of the original Batmobile may increase the Corgi collector's interest.  The one pictured above is similar to the one that sold.

Corgi diecast toys have been offered to the world since 1956, are currently being made in Leicester, UK.  They are known for their high-quality diecast models of cars, buses and airplanes.  Many were made in limited editions, and have increased in value over time.  It is not unusual to see a Corgi car sell for much more than its original cost.

Here on OLA, there are Corgi toys listed from  a number of different sellers.  Here are a few of them:

Jaguar Mark X Saloon  from roundprarie2  $9.99

 Corgi Fiat X 1/9 $9.99 also from roundprarie2

Batman Jokermobile $7.99 from silverjack810

Many Corgi toys come with moving parts:  doors and hoods open, wheels turn.  Some have figures of the drivers included.  They are sturdy and durable toys, made for years of hard play.

Toys are fun to collect!  They serve as childhood reminders; of happy fun times gone by.  Collecting old toys can be great fun in and of itself.  Think of the thrill of the hunt--looking for and finding that special toy you had when young.  They are usually inexpensive, and depending on condition, will often increase in value over time.  

Here on OLA, our sellers are dedicated to helping our customers find exactly what they are looking for.  Don't hesitate to ask any seller about the items on your want list.  Many folks have items that have yet to be listed on auction, and appreciate the opportunity to help you.

So until next time, Happy Shopping!


CurioCache said...

Love this blog! I had never heard of Corgi - gonna keep my eyes peeled now!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I love that bug!! Reminds me of the '60's!!

Great post. Gonna have to check out the Batman!!