Sunday, January 27, 2013

Embed A Tweet!

I'm a Twitterholic. There! I admitted it. Today I found something really kewl. We can embed tweets in web pages and blogs (as long as they support html). Here is one from my Twitter account, that I tweeted for one of my OLA friends.

Why am I so excited about this? Because it isn't just a picture of a tweet. It's fully interactive. From this simple copy and paste, you can read the tweet, see the images, follow me, click through to Cathy's Amazon page, click through to Cathy's Twitter account, click through to my Twitter page, favorite the tweet, or retweet it from your own Twitter account.

So you non-programmers can appreciate this a little more, if I wanted to do this manually, first I would have to download the images, then I would have to copy the text, next I would have to put them together and format them in html, then I would have to copy and paste the link to my Twitter account, copy and paste the links to Cathy's pages, find the code for a follow button and copy/paste that into my code, and I'm not even sure the other stuff is even available.

Instead, I went to the tweet, clicked on "more" and "embed" at the bottom of it, clicked on the code and did Ctrl A, Ctrl C, to get the code, then came over here and did Ctrl V. DONE! It took longer to write this paragraph than it did to grab that tweet.

Gotta go play some more. HAPPY TWEETING EVERYBODY!


Madeline said...

Interesting info. Thanks!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Great post!! I'm gonna have to investigate it further!! You have such a way with stuff like this, Suze!!