Saturday, July 20, 2013

Memories . . . . .

Hi, my name is Amy and we (my husband and I) manage KornKountryTreasures. How did we get started doing this?

Well, we love garage sales . . . . I mean, we LOVE garage sales!! When we started, it was the first year of the HWY 141 Sales, here in Iowa. This is a 100 mile stretch of towns all the way north from Des Moines, participating in this sale!! It is usually the first Friday and Saturday in August.

What do we look for? Well, we love to find old things. I particularly like to find old things that tweak my memory banks a bit.

Growing up, my sister, brother and I spent a lot of time at my maternal grandparents place in Joliet, Montana. Grandma "Pete"  was  a very special grandma, letting us play "house" upstairs in the little apartment in that huge old two story house!!

The "big" house!! Gosh, it shrunk!!

We each got to spend a week there, sometimes two. And Grandma would let me use some of her dishes, measuring cups and pans to "pretend".

Me as a toddler

My mother was a working mother (even then it took two incomes), a seamstress and a very good one!! So, I never learned how to sew correctly . . . .  I like to cheat!! I never had the patience that Mom had. And Mom liked to collect dishes, lots of dishes! My sister liked that more than I did but as I have gotten older, the dishes I see in some of these sales and flea markets remind me of Grandma Pete and my Mom. And now, they also remind me of my sister.

Grandma and Mom 1958

Today I thought "Now I've seen everything" when I saw a recipe come up on Facebook for Macaroni and Tomatoes . . . . . does anyone else remember eating that with a little sugar on top? This was a staple at our house. Or stewed tomatoes. And I thought of the memories . . . . .

And Mom had ironstone dishes (I still have one) and then went on to Blue Onion dishes which I now have . . . . I don't collect all the things that Mom did but I do like to have them in my sight for just awhile . . . 'til they find a new home. So, I compromise. I don't collect the dishes but I love finding the dishes and other things that spur that spark of memory!!

So, now that I've rambled on . . . . . and on, perhaps you might be looking for something that will spur a memory or two, or perhaps something brand new. Whatever it is, come on over to to check and if you are selling, this is the BEST place to be!! No listing fees, no final value fees, one $8 fee a month or $96 a year, however you wish to pay. That's it!! Period.

Now, just so you know that we do have some fantastic items here on, I'm going to list a few for you:

Fiesta Mixing Bowl at Goldi's. Remember Mom or Grandma mixing the bread in one of these? I do.

Here is a signed hardback Ruth Wakefield Toll House Recipe book offered by TaraSevich5gsh at Two Antiques.

I don't quite remember churning butter but here is a super Dazey churn offered by RoundPrairie2. I do remember drinking "raw" milk, however. But since we didn't live on a farm, I missed out on the churn part!!

And of course, the Blue Onion patterns  . . . . . so many of them that my Mom collected! This is a Kensington Staffordshire Plate, a little different, but equally beautiful, offered by RoseGarden!

So, come on over and take a peek!! If you are on Facebook, join us at OnlineAuction.comFacebook! We'd love to have you!! And, please, stop in at our store, KornKountryTreasures and see what we are offering . . . . you just never know!!! See what things we have listed that will trigger your special memories!!


Fleapirates said...

What a wonderful post!

That's what I like about treasure hunting, too... finding things from days gone by.

You've always got the prettiest patterns in your store, Amy!

chateycathey said...

This is such a great and heartwarming blog Amy. You did a great job on it also. Thanks for sharing and you really were a cute little girl.

maggiemaybecrafty said...

Love the story and the old photos too Amy/Korn. You did a super job. Thank you for sharing.

CurioCache said...

Fantastic post - people like you are why OLA is such a great place for friends, fun and "funds".

Tom Szirbik,Sr. said...

Loved the story line and the whole trip down memory lane KKT...makes me wish I could turn back time a hundred years.