Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beautiful Carved Netsuke

Netsuke are miniature sculptures that are carved. They were invented in the 17th century in Japan to serve a function. The Japanese garments were robes called kosode and kimono. Men who wore these traditional garments had a need for a place to put their belongings; tobacco, pipes, money, medicines, seals and other items they needed. There were no pockets.
The solution was to place such items in a container; a pouch, a basket or a crafted box, which hung by a cord around the sash of the robe. No matter the form of container, the cord was fastened at the top with a carved toggle called a netsuke.
Ivory from live animals was the most common material before it became illegal. There are many netsuke still available in the United States. We have a seller on OnlineAuction.com that has an amazing array of beautiful pieces for the collector. All of his antique ivory is from before the ban into the United States. 1967P4 has an extraordinary collection that he is now parting with so please, stop in and take a look!
As you can see, he has quite a variety of pieces, all beautifully kept and now he is giving you the opportunity to own one of these stunning pieces!
The artistry in these pieces is absolutely astounding!




chateycathey said...

Very nice history lesson about these items and they are beautiful. Thanks Amy for sharing these in a great blog. CC

kornkountrytreasures said...

Thanks, CC! They are so pretty! I love the little carvings! So much detail!

Katie Ball said...

I love the little horse.