Thursday, September 3, 2009

1948 Sonja Henie Souvenir Program Chicago, Ticket Stubs from 1948 and 1950

1948 Sonja Henie Souvenir Program from 1948 which was held in Chicago, IL. This Program is in good condition. The cover is coated with cellophane which has come loose in some places. The bottom left corners on the program are turned up and the center page has come loose but all pages are in this program. The contents include many good photos including ones from Universal-International during the filming of “The Countess of Monte Cristo” in which Sonja starred. In the inside of the front cover are the 7 ticket stubs from Parquet Circle, Chicago Stadium. 2 ticket stubs are dated, Friday, January 16, 1948; the other 5 tickets stubs are dated Sunday, January 8, 1950. Finally, there is also a Chicago Stadium Parking Stub No. 43544. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this Great Vintage 1948 Sonja Henie Souvenir Program Chicago and Ticket Stubs from 1948 & 1950. For more information and pictures please Click here to view this Sonja Henie auction

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What a beautiful momento!!!