Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garden History Chapter 9

Critters in the Garden

Little side note here, I didn’t realize that when we moved back into the city we would have such an assortment of wild life visiting our yard! This is a photo of a hawk that just nailed a bird in my garden. The snap isn’t very clear because I had to take it through my kitchen window. Had I gone out, the hawk would have flown away. Which it did when I went out to get a closer picture and he took his lunch with him! (One day I will tell the racoon tales in the house, *giggles*.)

We, also, had a squatter this late summer. This little, tiny, bird found a space no bigger than an inch square, up under the front porch. He stayed there, every night, for about a month and a half then just left. Don’t know why. It isn’t like we were charging him rent!

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The Back Yard

After we tore down the raised brick patio, which was a termite haven. We built a screened in patio! Screen made this space much more usable because there are no mosquitos or bugs, my grill is even inside this screened area. We have two, indoor, cats that love it because this provides them an outside area when weather permits.

Then we laid a brick path around to the shed, wood pile and driveway. I didn’t want to have to bring grass clippings and mud into the patio and house everytime there was some bad weather. Thank goodness my hubby toted all the bricks for me and I laid everyone. The steps in front of the shed had to be mortared. All these bricks were buried or scattered around the yard and on the top of the former patio. We recycled.

On the side you see here I planted Winter Daphne. Since this picture was taken, they have doubled in size and the fragrance of the blossoms is lovely in very late winter and early spring. I plant a lot of ornamental plants like Gerber Daises here (a protected area) and on the corner another lily, which has a fiery red/orange bloom, surrounds the Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia variety). Ginger Lilies planted on the back of the patio, also, another fragrant bloomer.

The picture below is of the Angel’s Trumpet which blooms at night. This picture was taken in the dark while it was in full bloom. Again, a sweet, fragrant flower and the lunar moths love them. Can you tell yet? I just love plants that have a smell good.

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